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by Boris Charmatz and César Vayssié

Vent moderne

by Xavier Veilhan



DCP - HDNum - B&W – Stereo

Visual artist Xavier Veilhan was commissioned by La Villette's Festival de Cinéma en Plein Air to direct a short film linked to the 2015 theme: Home cinemas, in the framework of the "Villette sur courts" programme.


Xavier Veilhan has strong links with architecture - see notably his project Architectones (2012-2014). In response to La Villette's proposition, he created a film that plays with perspectives, scales, and the relation between set design and architecture. The sequences revolve around the figure of an architect/creator, performed by Micha Lescot. Vent Moderne shows a succession of fantasized moments of his life : time for architectural conception, meetings, trips, celebration and pleasure instants.

A more abstract dimension is added to this narrative one: a succesion of visual evocations among which the viewer will make his own way.




A film by Xavier Veilhan

Conceived with Alexis Bertrand and Violeta Kreimer 

Produced by Dimitri Chamblas et Amélie Couillaud


With Micha Lescot

Stephen Thompson, Marine Varoquier, Dimitri Chamblas, Jean-Pierre Blanc, Violeta Kreimer, Paul-Hervé Parsy, Tony Regazzoni, Alice Rocher, Xavier Veilhan

and the participation of David Artaud, Joseph Bona, Philippe Bona, Lucie Calise, Stéphane Croughs, Matthieu Deluc, Madeleine Deschamps, Marion Flament, Julia Hajnal, Cécile Ktorza, Elisabeth Lemercier, Dimitri Robert Mallet, Thomas Merret, Emmanuelle Orenga, François Perrin, Nicole Perrin, Laurent Pinon, Guillaume Rambouillet, Damien Reljac, Martina Tapia, Antoine Veilhan, Léa Wanono


Director of photography François Glevarec

Musique et sound design Avia, Florian Sumi, Yujim

Choreographie : Dimitri Chamblas


Unit Tony Regazzoni et Alice Rocher

Car construction : Christian Mazet


Editing François Glevarec et Florian Sumi

Sound mixing Studio 64 + Badje Auditoriums

DCP Eclair group


Production Atelier Xavier Veilhan

Co-production La Villette, Paris. eXorde (collection Casoar)

With the support of Villa Noailles and Centre des Monuments Nationaux

Acknowledgements Ciné 104 (Pantin), Enzyme Design, Beall Production, Firm Studio and Françoise Lebeau,

as well as Jean-Pierre Blanc, Marion Bétous, and the whole team of Villa Noailles

Paul-Hervé Parsy and the team of Villa Cavrois

Catherine Caillard-Wenes and Caridad Duque for the Atelier des frères Martel

Maryline Merlin and the Fontenay-sous-Bois' icering team


© Veilhan © Mallet-Stevens / ADAGP, 2015
Courtesy Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Galeria Nara Roesler, Galerie Perrotin, 313 Art Project


Photo © Stéphane Perche




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