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Salò #25

Carte blanche to Marie-Agnès Gillot & Dimitri Chamblas

Associate programme by Amélie Couillaud


8, 9 et 10 June 2017

Salò - 142 rue Montmartre - 75002 Paris




Three nights long Marie-Agnès Gillot & Dimitri Chamblas take possession of the Parisian club Salò, transform it into a dance studio, and open its doors to all the dances in Paris.
Their wish is to make converge in this one single place dances which usually never meet each others, even if they take place in one same city. Music also makes the core of the programme, from classical piano to DJsets, from drums to Fame, from barre to clubbing, echoing the multiple facets of "dance".


With Avia, Rana Gorgani, Seydou Boro, Jonathan Fitoussi, Mohamed Kouyate, Patricia Badin, Mallika Thalak, Bertrand Bonello, Camille Dantou & Mikaël Cadiou, David Kouakou, Tony2Soirée, Maquerelle, Ylva Falk, Loïc Minel, Mourad Saadi aka Nasty, DJ Yugson Hawks, Karl Kane Wong
et the continuous and ghost-like presence of Yumi Fujitani


Associate programme Amélie Couillaud
Produced by Guillaume de Bary – B.Y.E Studio
Production coordination Perle Rolland

Video design Mathematic / Guillaume Marien
Head of project Pierre Edouard Sigwalt
Editor Simon Colin

Photo Eric Nehr

Remerciements chaleureux au Centre national de la danse
au Laboratoire Photographique Janvier
et à Xavier Ronze

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