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Mutant Stage, episode 10

A film by Barnaby Roper


Launched on 18 January 2018


Digital - Color - Sound




For this last episode of the Mutant Stage series, in the now finished building at 9 rue du plâtre, director Barnaby Roper plays with view angles and the movements of 8 tangled dancers. Images multiply, gestures add to one another, and visions subliminally interlock. The dance and the buiding get revealed by fragments, freely re-composed, and their memory settles durably.


A film by Barnaby Roper
With Régis Badel, Seydou Boro, Victoria Dauberville, Clémence Galliard, Alexis Hedouin, Fanny Sage, Léo Walk, Violette Wanty

Curated by Dimitri Chamblas and Amélie Couillaud

Original music Tristan Bechet
Dance direction Magali Caillet-Gajan
Director of photography Baptiste Chesnais
Produced by U turn-Première heure
Executive producer Elisabeth Fabri
Camera assistants Benjamin Denoyer, Charles Brun, Yannick Touzan, Anouk Tourlière
Grip Mathieu Jourdan, Charlotte Pochart
Sound recording Silvino Guarda Becerra
Unit manager Jonathan Degras
PA Florent Ben Chaabane, Auguste Fabri
Production assistant Astrid Defourny
Post-production St-Louis Post House
Editing Jean-Philippe Mure
Color grading Sylvain Canaux
Post-producer Jean Marc Raygade
Post-production coordinator Rachel Hue

Special thanks to Louis Arcelin, Emmanuelle Boro, RVZ

© Casoar / Lafayette Anticipations — Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette 2018

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