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Echelle humaine


21 > 27 September 2020

Lafayette Anticipations - Festival d'automne à Paris




From September 21 to 27, 2020, Lafayette Anticipations presents the third edition of its festival entitled Échelle Humaine.

In (untitled)(2000), a play by Tino Sehgal performed here by Boris Charmatz, the whole history of 20th century stage dance runs through the performer's body, and vice versa. Whether or not one recognizes the references that mark its writing, this play constitutes a form of "dance museum" and sees the body as a museum work in constant transformation.

In "Farci.e", Sorour Darabi wonders how to discuss genre in a language that assigns a genre to words. In Farsi, his mother tongue, gender is "جسن ی ت" "jenssiat" and means matter. His gender is skin, flesh, bones, muscles.

Simon Senn bought a digital replica of a female body online. In three easy steps, this theoretically impersonal body becomes his. "Be Arielle F" explores this sensual experience and the ethical, legal and psychological questions it raises.

Throughout the weekend, the corsets and false bottoms of "Attitudes habillées", the masks of "Manual Focus", the composite clothing of "Sorry But I Feel Slightly Disidentified..." bring out new figures that defy stereotypes and force our eyes to confront themselves.


> Tino Sehgal & Boris Charmatz (sans titre) (2000)

> Sorour Darabi Farci.e

> Simon Senn Be Arielle F

> Balkis Moutashar Attitudes habillées (solis)

> Mette Ingvartsen Manual Focus

> Benjamin Kahn, en collaboration avec Cherish Menzo Sorry But I Feel Slightly Disidentified

> Warm Up Session with Cherish Menzo

> Warm Up Session with Helena de Laurens

The Warm Up Sessions are curated by Madeleine Planeix-Crocker.

Programmation détaillée sur le site de Lafayette Anticipations.

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